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Doing what Neighbours Do

Partnering with Clearwater County for responsible recreation land use

In 2013, Keyera partnered with Clearwater County in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, to support the Clearwater Trails initiative. Through this initiative, the “Sasquatch and Partners” program was developed with the long-term goal of increasing the public’s awareness around responsible recreational land use in public areas. 2016

Honoring our commitment to environmental responsibility and supporting initiatives that enhance and improve the communities where we operate, Keyera took part in the Welcome to my Backyard campaign to help increase awareness in these focus areas.  

The initiative features a recognizable mascot designed by a local artist, the Sasquatch, that represents the “Welcome to Our Backyard" campaign. The campaign is directed at community members and visitors of Clearwater County and its beautiful recreation areas.

In these recreation areas, signage with tips are prominently displayed, reminding visitors how they can enjoy the recreation areas in a way that's both safe for them and respectful to the environment. To date, there are around 15 signs posted at various entry points to recreational areas and key highways entering Clearwater County.

The initiative also focuses on education about eco-friendly land use. With around 4,000 brochures circulating throughout local communities annually, visitors and locals are reminded that the recreational use of the Clearwater Trails areas is a unique privilege that comes with a responsibility to care for the environment.

Each year, the May long weekend marks the official kick-off of the campaign. Clearwater County, along with the RCMP and Environment and Parks, co-ordinate a ‘Check Stop’ which involves a 'taskforce' handing out not only tickets, but also informative literature, garbage bags and camfire suppression totes. 

Together, Keyera with its fellow partners and Clearwater County, can help to ensure that visitors of these recreational areas can enjoy them safely, all while protecting and maintaining their diverse environments. 

For more information about Sasquatch and Partners and Clearwater County, visit their website here.