Our approach to emergency preparedness starts with risk mitigation and prevention. We have a comprehensive integrity management program in place to monitor our assets, identify and mitigate risks, and maintain the long-term integrity of our pipelines and facilities. In the unlikely event of an incident, Keyera has a corporate Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and extensive Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) at all our facilities, a comprehensive training program for employees, and partnerships with local first responders and regional agencies. Emergency and security are under the oversight of the Senior Vice President of Safety, People, and Technology.


Emergency response plans

All our facilities maintain a comprehensive, site-specific ERP to support its operation. As part of our ERPs, we conduct public consultation to understand the community-specific risks and do specific outreach to community members within the emergency planning zone. Should an issue arise, we have specific communications protocols and would use our mass emergency alert system to share information. 

Our facility ERPs are updated annually, and we do a full risk assessment and enhancement every two years to ensure the plans consider changing risk factors, incorporate learnings and best practice, and function as intended.

These plans are aligned with our corporate ERP, which ensures potential incidents have a comprehensive response plan that is well understood across the company. The corporate ERP is supported by a Corporate Advisory Team and Field Emergency Coordination Hubs. 

These programs are regularly tested and practiced using table top exercises and full-scale ERP drills, conducted under the supervision of our emergency response coordinator to ensure consistent training and execution, and that learnings are shared across the company.

Community partnerships Our relationships are important

An important part of effectively executing on Keyera’s emergency response is strong partnerships with local first responders, emergency management groups, counties, and government agencies. By engaging them in our ERP development, communications, and training, we can include their input in our planning, practice alongside them, and most importantly, build trusting relationships that can be critical in the event of an emergency. Keyera is also a member of several mutual aid groups.

We also support first responders in areas where we have operations. We’ve contributed to local fire halls, supported regional search and rescue, and have been a multi-year supporter of STARS air ambulance.  Each of our facilities is STARS registered. 

KERT team Our Emergency Response team

We're proud to have an emergency response team, referred to as Keyera Emergency Response Team (KERT), which responds to all liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) transportation incidents for the industry throughout Alberta. Through an agreement with Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC), KERT has been in existence for ten years and has responded to over 50 industry incidents involving the transportation of LPGs through truck or rail. Keyera also maintains a second and separate spill team that is qualified to provide emergency response to any environmental release to a surface water body or land.

24 hour Keyera Emergency Response team Activation Line: 1-403-718-7911