Keyera continues to advance the development and sustainment of an Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) to manage its environmental responsibilities.

The OEMS establishes standards and processes for addressing the risks inherent in our business, ensuring consistent and reliable execution of our business strategy, and promoting continuous improvement within our business.  


At Keyera, our OEMS guides the responsible and proactive management of our integrity and environmental obligations. We meet or exceed all environmental regulations affecting our business, and often go beyond requirements, continually working to progress our resource efficiency and environmental performance.

As part of this approach, Keyera manages a suite of water, soil, waste, and air programs. We have developed strategic environmental management plans at several of our locations, providing a roadmap for decision making and measuring outcomes.

Environmental monitoring Actively monitoring our impact

Environment and regulatory data is actively monitored, allowing for performance evaluation, information sharing and identification of improvement opportunities. We conduct internal compliance audits, and Keyera facilities are regularly inspected by external regulators who monitor Keyera compliance with rules, regulations and approval conditions.

Keyera’s Chief Executive Officer is ultimately responsible for managing environmental protection and performance and detailed Board oversight is provided by the Health, Safety and Environment Committee on a quarterly basis.

A shared commitment

Our Health, Safety and Environment policy establishes environmental protection, mitigation, and restoration as an integral part of our business. This commitment is to be embraced by everyone at our worksites. Employees are encouraged to explore ideas that can contribute to reducing emissions, increasing efficiency, and improving our environmental performance.

Keyera uses our Competency Management and Development System (CMDS) to provide training to employees that require awareness of environmental issues, obligations, and opportunities.

Addressing environmental issues is a shared responsibility; we work with government, industry, communities, and public interest stakeholders to address the current challenges while preparing for evolving regulatory requirements. Through Keyera Connects, our social investment program, we also invest in innovative environmental solutions and conserving our ecosystems for future generations.

Awareness and training

Employees or contractors completing biodiversity assessments, managing environmental management plans and/or conservation, and reclamation plans must have relevant post-secondary education and professional certification. We also use CMDS to administer education modules to other employees that have been identified as needing environmental training. The modules provide personnel who are not subject matter experts with basic awareness so that they are able to engage with environmental experts as needed.

Waste Management We recognize our responsibility to use resources wisely

Keyera has standard Corporate Environmental Operating Practices (CEOP) to guide safe and compliant waste material handling. The CEOP outlines the process, including how waste material is classified, handled, stored, transported, and tracked. When materials cannot be reused or recycled at our facilities, they are transported to approved facilities for recycling and disposal according to provincial and federal regulations. 

To support our employees in following these practices, we provide operational staff with in-depth training on how to classify and handle waste materials safely and properly.

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