Training and knowledge sharing

Keyera places an emphasis on actively sharing our knowledge with others to help eliminate potential incidents. We've designed and managed an industry-leading Competency Management and Development System (CMDS) that not only supports our existing operations, but has also been made available to customers and peer companies to support health and safety within the industry.

The intent of CMDS is to ensure operations, maintenance, safety, and emergency preparedness capabilities are well-defined and meet strict competency criteria. These competencies are validated and signed off by experienced trainers and leaders to maintain the highest level of worker capability.

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Anyone who works at a Keyera site, but does not have a Keyera email address can register for Skills Passport.  Access to Skills Passport can be used to complete the general orientation as well as any site specific or applicable rail orientations. 

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Maintaining a strong safety culture

Robust reporting and transparency are critical to achieving and maintaining a strong safety culture. We have implemented comprehensive systems to monitor our safety performance, allowing us to identify and track incidents and implement appropriate corrective actions. Learnings are broadly shared within our safety and operational teams to reinforce transparency and drive continuous improvement. These learnings, including audit and investigation results, are also reviewed by our Executives on a monthly basis.

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Contractor safety

We take the safety of our staff and contractors very seriously and have measures in place to ensure our workers make it home safely. Contractors providing services at our worksites are expected to meet or exceed the standards outlined in our Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) Policy and our Code of Business Conduct. Before doing work with Keyera, potential contractors must pre-qualify to confirm their ability to meet our health and safety requirements. 

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