Before starting work with Keyera, it's important that you review the following information.

Policies and guidelines

We expect that you meet or exceed the requirements below: 

Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Orientations and training

The services or goods you are providing determine your orientation and training requirements. Log in to Skills Passport prior to showing up at site and complete the General Keyera Orientation, as well as any applicable site-specific orientations. 

For assistance, please contact your site contact, Health and Safety Advisor, or email [email protected].

Whistleblower Hotline

If you suspect something unethical or illegal is occurring related to our business, it’s important to file a report through our CARE Hotline. Our Hotline is supported by a third-party provider, Grant Thornton. All reports are received by Grant Thornton prior to being sent to us to ensure total anonymity for those who wish to submit a report anonymously. 

How to file a report
Either online through the Grant Thornton website, or on the phone by calling 1-855-484-2273.  You can follow-up on the status of any report either online, or by calling the hotline number using the file number provided to you by Grant Thornton.