Our people and culture allow us to deliver on our strategy.

That is why we put our employees first, aiming to create a culture where we all feel engaged in delivering on Keyera’s purpose. We are deliberate about sustaining a workplace that attracts talented people and where employee development grows in line with the opportunities of our business.

Our Workforce Strategy helps us deliver on our organizational objectives, manage risk, and capture opportunities. As part of this strategy, we are identifying the critical roles required to meet current and future needs of our business. This includes identifying the roles required to support a culture of innovation at Keyera and to build our internal capacity to support the energy transition.

Talent attraction and development

As our business grows and the industry evolves, attracting the right talent is a major focus for Keyera. Who we bring into Keyera is critical for broadening and strengthening our workforce. We look to attract diverse candidates, both in terms of skills, perspectives, and backgrounds.

But it is not just about attracting top talent, we also provide development opportunities for our current employees. By providing opportunities, we help our people take ownership of their career growth while also meeting the needs of our business. We invest in employee development through internal courses, leadership training, and professional development opportunities.

Employee engagement

At Keyera, engagement means providing employees with meaningful work, supporting their health and work-life balance, and creating a culture where they feel valued and respected. It also means listening. By listening to our employees, we are not only better able to respond to their needs, but also identify ways to improve our business.

Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion

We strive to create a workplace where people feel respected and their opinions are valued, because we know diverse perspectives and experiences contribute to creative thinking and help Keyera make better decisions. Our DEI program is guided by four pillars: Leadership, Awareness, Talent, and Measurement.

Also important to our culture is ensuring it is psychologically safe and inclusive. As part of our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) program, we provide facilitated unconscious bias training to our leaders and employees. To further support DEI, Keyera has developed Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

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Pillars of our DEI program:

D&I Pillars

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