Supplier selection and requirements

Before doing work with us, potential suppliers (vendors, contractors and carriers) must be qualified by Keyera to confirm their ability to meet our health, safety, environment, quality and business ethics requirements. These requirements are based on the goods or services provided; for example, safety-sensitive services have more requirements than low-risk administrative services.


If you wish to explore business opportunities with us, complete the Supplier Registration Form.

This is the first step in identifying your business information, including the services or goods you can provide. Should a future opportunity arise, and your capabilities match our business needs, a Supply Chain Representative will contact you to proceed through the Keyera Qualification Process. 

Please be advised that we are not obligated to enter into a contractual relationship with you upon completion of the Supplier Registration Form.

Supplier Registration Form


We qualify suppliers (vendors, contractors and carriers) based on the goods or services they will provide. For example, some vendors may require qualification by our Technical Services teams. We qualify our on-site contractors and carriers using a two-step process, prequalification through ISNetworld (ISN) and scope-specific qualification.

We use ISNetworld, an online supplier management platform, to assess risk and evaluate a supplier's ability to meet our health, safety, performance, and insurance requirements. 

Learn more about ISN

If we are interested in engaging your company's transport or on-site services, prequalification with ISN will be initiated, followed by our scope-specific qualification based on the goods or services. This assessment will determine if your company meets our high standards. 

We also complete reviews and audits to verify supplier programs, assess capabilities and monitor performance. Our Operational Excellence Standard requires suppliers are re-qualified:

  • at least every three years;
  • following a significant health, safety, environmental, or quality event; or 
  • based on supplier performance. 


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