Delivering energy for the future

Getting to a lower-carbon economy is a company-wide effort that draws on the talents and knowledge of our employees. It also requires transparency about what we’ve accomplished and what remains to be done. That’s where our Climate Report comes in.

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Our commitment

Through collaboration, innovation and business spirit, we’re building solutions for responsible energy transition. We’re working to meet ambitious targets and to help our customers reach theirs. These targets show our determination to make a difference.

By 2019, we will reduce our emissions intensity by 0% from 2019 levels

By 2019, we will reduce our emissions intensity by 0% from 2019 levels

Tomorrow starts today

Our journey to supporting a lower-carbon economy moves on parallel paths.


Decarbonizing base operations today

Optimizing our facilities

We’re consolidating operations at our most efficient facilities and pursuing further emission reductions.

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Investing in technology and operational efficiency

We’re achieving better performance by upgrading and retrofitting facilities as well as digitizing operations.

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Supporting renewable energy

We’re pursuing partnerships with solar, wind and geothermal energy providers to help power our operations.

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Ramping up our carbon capture

We’re adding carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) to reduce emissions from our facilities.

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Pursuing opportunities for tomorrow

Low-carbon fuels

We’re exploring biofuels and biofuel additives. We’re also examining how to help refiners meet proposed Clean Fuel Regulation requirements.


We’re assessing our current assets to determine how they can best support increased hydrogen production, transportation and storage.

Enabling carbon capture for customers

We’re looking at how we can extend our expertise in carbon capture, utilization and storage to help customers lower their emissions.

Solvents that support lower intensity production

Customers can benefit from solvents derived from natural gas liquids that improve the efficiency of their production.

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What we've done

Our targets look to the future, but the work of meeting them is our present focus. We’re proud of the progress we’ve already made.


Total emission intensity down by 12% (2019-2021, equity-based)


Carbon sequestration up by 36% (2019-2021, by acid gas injection)


Absolute scope 1 emissions from operations down 8% (2019-2021)

Our approach

A responsible energy transition is not simply a matter of improving operations. It requires more fundamental shifts in how we think about the problem, implement best practices and arrive at solutions that are good for the planet and our investors. That means we:

Strive for ESG leadership
Collaborate with customers
Foster a culture of innovation
Apply rigorous investment criteria
Partner with our sector and beyond
Drive performance improvements