Integrity management

Our integrity management program is in place to:

  • monitor our assets,
  • identify and mitigate risks; and
  • maintain the long-term integrity of our pipelines and facilities.

We've implemented programs to ensure we observe robust, consistent maintenance practices across the organization. Our Pressure Equipment Quality Management System and Pipeline Integrity Management Program allows us to carefully monitor and maintain the integrity of our assets. 

Our integrity management plans are registered and regularly audited by the various authorities in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Activities undertaken to manage pipeline integrity include conducting regular in line and other inspections, assessing and completing system repairs, applying chemicals to mitigate potential corrosion, using right-of-way surveillance to minimize the risk of third-party damage and conducting depth of cover surveys. We provide training for field personnel on responsible spill response to ensure protection of the ecosystems that surround our facilities.

We supplement these programs with a comprehensive Asset Management and Reliability (AMR) Program which uses standardized processes and industry leading technology to manage, maintain and report on equipment reliability performance across all our assets.

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We're received national Workplace Safety Certificates of Recognition for over 20 years.

Continuous improvement in our safety program is also sought through the use of third-party assessments. Since 1999, we've completed an annual Certificate of Recognition (COR) process, a third-party audit of our safety program and our health and safety culture. We participate in formal COR audits on a three-year cycle. These external assessments are intended to ensure that our health and safety program is effective and meets or exceeds provincial standards.

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