Pursuing success in the energy transition

Energy is the foundation of modern society and has contributed to many advances, including transportation, healthcare, and communication. As countries around the globe continue to seek to improve their quality of life, energy demand is anticipated to rise over the coming decades. To meet this demand, the world will need all forms of energy.

Despite the forecasted growth in energy demand, we acknowledge the risks and uncertainties posed by climate change.

We recognize the perspective of our stakeholders regarding the impact of climate change, and believe we will play an important role as the world transitions to a low-carbon economy.

Our integrated infrastructure assets provide significant opportunities for Keyera to pursue low-carbon and emission reduction service opportunities.

Right now, we're working on:

Utilizing our existing portfolio

Given our portfolio of integrated assets, carbon capture and sequestration, as well as blue hydrogen production, are among the opportunities we see on the horizon.

Identifying new opportunities

We have a team dedicated to identifying new opportunities that will not only reduce carbon intensity, but also provide economic benefits. 


Committing to transparency

We're committed to providing greater transparency as shown by the launch of our inaugural TCFD report released November, 2021.

Establishing targets

Using 2019 as our baseline year, we are committing to reducing our emissions intensity by 25% by 2025 and 50% by 2035.

Our material ESG factors

In 2019, our Executive Team and our Board of Directors initiated a comprehensive review aimed at identifying the ESG-related issues most important to our stakeholders and our business. Learnings from this engagement process resulted in the identification of six distinct material ESG factors.

  • Safety of people and operations

    Safety is our highest priority, and is a cornerstone of our culture at Keyera.

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  • People and culture

    Our focus on our people and culture sets us apart and helps us achieve our goals.

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  • Emissions

    We're proactively addressing and reducing our GHG emissions.

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  • Community and Indigenous engagement

    We establish collaborative and trusting relationships with our communities.

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  • Land management

    We ensure that we're responsible stewards of the land on which we operate. 

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  • Water

    Water is a vital resource that we manage effectively at Keyera.

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ESG oversight

Good governance is critical in managing risks to the business, responding to stakeholder expectations, identifying opportunities, and creating shareholder value. Our Board of Directors take an active role in the oversight and direction of our ESG approach, including ensuring appropriate mechanisms and systems are in place to identify, mitigate, and manage our principal ESG-related risks and opportunities, as well as monitoring and tracking our performance.

In 2019, our Board of Directors approved the inclusion of key safety, reliability, and environmental performance metrics in our annual scorecard, used to determine 2020 bonuses for executives and employees. Performance on these metrics is tracked and reviewed by the Committees and the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. 

With a foundation of responsible growth, innovative thinking and integrity, we believe Keyera is uniquely positioned to play a leadership role in Canada’s energy future. Integral to our leadership will be a relentless pursuit of ESG performance improvements."

— Dean Setoguchi, President & CEO

Accolades and recognition

  • "A" rating

    ESG rating of "A" in the MSCI ESG rating assessment

  • Outperformer

    ESG 'Outperformer' by Sustainalytics

  • Top 75

    One of Alberta's Top 75 Employers

  • "B" score

    Climate Change rating of "B" in the 2021 CDP disclosure

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