Our commitment

We’re focused on the energy we deliver today and the path to a more sustainable tomorrow.

That means caring for people and communities, strong environmental stewardship, and disciplined oversight and management of our business. Our success is achieved through the efforts of our people who value progressing sustainability across the organization.

Strong ESG progress

We’ve made meaningful progress by building on our robust corporate governance, setting and progressing greenhouse gas targets, and leveraging our strength in industry collaboration:

Our ESG priority areas

We know advancing ESG performance is critical to our success, helping us unlock opportunities, manage risk, and become a more profitable and resilient organization for the long-term.

Since our inception, we have been committed to delivering responsible energy solutions and we continue to advance our approach to ESG across six priority areas:

  • Safety of people and operations

    Nothing is more important than the safety of our people and communities

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  • Community and Indigenous engagement

    We build collaborative and trusting relationships with our communities.

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  • Emissions

    We're proactively reducing our GHG emissions.

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  • People and culture

    We put our employees at the center of our business

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  • Land & biodiversity

    We are responsible stewards of the land

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  • Water

    We manage water sustainability to protect environmental health

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Pursuing success in the energy transition

Energy Transition 2 with targets

Accolades and recognition

  • "A" rating

    ESG rating of "A" in the MSCI ESG rating assessment

  • Outperformer

    ESG 'Outperformer' by Sustainalytics

  • Top 75

    One of Alberta's Top 75 Employers

  • "B" score

    Climate Change rating of "B" in the 2021 CDP disclosure

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Keyera is committed to providing stakeholders with transparent, decision-useful ESG disclosures.

To inform our ESG approach, we actively engage with our stakeholders to understand their perspectives and solicit feedback on our performance. To provide feedback, please email us at [email protected]

Featured Reports

2022 Reports

Name Download
2019 ESG Performance Summary PDF (164 KB) 2019 ESG Performance Summary
2019 ESG Report PDF (8.6 MB) 2019 ESG Report
2020 ESG Performance Summary PDF (1009 KB) 2020 ESG Performance Summary
2021 Climate Report PDF (21 MB) 2021 Climate Report
2021 ESG Report PDF (34 MB) 2021 ESG Report
ESG Performance Data 2017-2021 XLSX (71 KB) ESG Performance Data 2017-2021

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