Building strong social and economic relationships provides mutually beneficial outcomes for Indigenous communities and our business.

Keyera currently engages with Indigenous and Tribal Peoples who have an interest in the land where our assets are located in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, and in Oklahoma in the U.S. Our desire to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships requires that we continue to enhance and evolve our understanding of the unique history, culture, rights, traditions, and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples. 


In support of this objective, our engagement with Indigenous Peoples affected by our activities and operations is guided by the following principles:

  • seek to understand the unique history, traditions, culture and perspectives of the respective Indigenous communities with whom we interact;
  • actively listen and learn to enable transparent, open dialogue and facilitate timely and meaningful consultation; and
  • collaboratively develop strategies and opportunities to encourage positive outcomes within Indigenous communities, including training, employment and business opportunities related to our activities.

Investing in Indigenous youth

We've committed to support our Indigenous peoples and we will continue to do so by respecting Indigenous land and culture, building capacity within communities and contributing to the resiliency of Indigenous businesses.

However, we believe that the next generation of Indigenous peoples will bring about the most change as they shape our future. That is why, through our Indigenous Reconciliation Community Investment pillar, we are investing in Indigenous youth with the help of non-profit organizations.


Our partnership with the Alberta Native Friendship Centre Association supports the creation of a culturally informed and culturally safe toolkit of resources that will support urban Indigenous youth to speak truth about reconciliation. The toolkit will be grounded in culture and will be developed with the guidance of Elders from across many Nations. This resource will lay the foundation for youth to become facilitators of authentic knowledge and wisdom. Based on the fundamental belief that there needs to be truth before there can be reconciliation, the toolkit will share and connect communities with wisdom on the path towards reconciliation.

By partnering with Indspire, Keyera is helping support a Building Better Futures Scholarship Program to enable and inspire Indigenous students to reach their full potential. Indspire is a national Indigenous registered charity that invests in the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada. Indspire’s vision is to enrich Canada through Indigenous education and by inspiring achievement.

Keyera is partnering with Kids Help Phone to support the Finding Hope program - an Action Plan for Supporting First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Young People. Keyera sees mental health as a critical component of a person’s wellbeing and supports Kids Help Phone’s efforts to maximize Indigenous access to counselling, crisis response and supports for mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Business Involvement Contributing to the resiliency of Indigenous businesses

Our commitment to the resilience of Indigenous communities includes seeking opportunities to assist capacity building through education, training, and work experience, and strengthening the involvement of Indigenous businesses in our supply chain. In 2019, we established an Indigenous Business Involvement (IBI) program, directed at creating direct economic and social benefits for Indigenous businesses through participation in procurement and employment opportunities in our projects and operations.

Community Involvement Providing opportunities in Indigenous communities

To facilitate our commitment to the social and economic wellbeing of our Indigenous stakeholders, we've established an Indigenous Community Involvement (ICI) program. Under the ICI program, Keyera partners with Indigenous communities to support initiatives aimed at enhancing community wellbeing and resilience. 

ICI activities are focused on providing education and economic opportunity to community members through education, training, and sponsorships. Examples include the sponsorship of training programs such as the “Trade Winds to Success” Tiny Homes Project, support of post-secondary education prep, or on-the-job environmental training with our project teams. 

As part of the KAPS project, Keyera has initiated long-term benefit agreements with several Indigenous communities whose traditional lands are in proximity to KAPS operating areas. Once these arrangements proceed, they will represent the largest community investment initiative in the company’s history. 

KAPS Engaging Indigenous communities on projects

As part of the regulatory approval process for our KAPS pipeline project, Keyera is engaged with numerous Indigenous communities across Alberta. Keyera is developing the foundation for what we hope will be longstanding, mutually beneficial relationships and opportunities over the lifecycle of the project. From traditional land-use studies and environmental monitoring, to establishing community-specific capacity investment plans intended to provide opportunity for Indigenous member trades training, we seek to provide First Nation commercial opportunities and support for community initiatives.

Aligning our activities with Indigenous treaty rights

As part of the KAPS regulatory process, we have also engaged affected Indigenous rights-holding communities to complete traditional land use studies and environmental monitoring along the pipeline right-of-way, valued at approximately $4 million in 2019. Indigenous stakeholders whose traditional lands are affected by the KAPS project have also completed over 55 traditional land use assessments, intended to align our activities with Indigenous treaty rights and traditional activities. Knowledge gained from these studies will guide our impact mitigation measures during construction, anticipated to begin in 2021. We are also committed to establishing formal relationship agreements with many of these communities as the project progresses.

Indigenous awareness training

Trusting relationships are built on genuine understanding and respect. It’s for this reason that we provide all of our employees and contractors with Indigenous Awareness Training. By engaging with the history and present realities of Canada's Indigenous peoples, our employees and contractors grow in their ability to collaborate with the Indigenous workforce on our operational sites and in their daily lives. For many, this is a transformational experience, and enables us to approach our projects and daily operations with greater understanding and a richer cultural perspective.  

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