We are committed to supporting Indigenous Peoples and building long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships.

We recognize that Indigenous groups have a long history with the land on which our assets are located. Within Canada, Indigenous Peoples have inherent treaty rights, and we work closely with them as growing partners in our activities.


Our efforts are guided by the following principles:

  • Seek to understand the unique history, traditions, culture, and perspectives of the respective Indigenous communities with whom we interact.
  • Actively listen and learn to enable transparent, open dialogue and facilitate timely and meaningful consultation.
  • Collaboratively support opportunities to encourage positive outcomes within Indigenous communities, including training, employment, and business opportunities related to our activities.

As we move ahead, we are focused on building strong relationships based on shared values and maximizing Indigenous participation in our business operations, new ventures, subcontracting, and social investments.

Featuring six flowering plants that bloom across traditional territories in Alberta, Seeds of Connection embodies key values that guide Keyera in our journey to building flourishing relationships and opportunities for all. The flowers represent coming together, building enduring unions, supporting healing, collaborating to build good fortune and opportunity, protecting the land, and supporting the resiliency of Indigenous communities.

We share our gratitude with Métis artist Shaun Vincent who created the Seeds of Connection artwork as a reflection of Keyera’s approach to collaborating with Indigenous groups.

Our journey towards Reconciliation

The work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada helped shine a light on the harm done to Indigenous Peoples in Canada, challenge preconceived beliefs, and open a path to healing through their 94 Calls to Action. All Canadians have a role to play in these efforts, and we have started to explore how Keyera can meaningfully contribute to the advancement of Indigenous inclusion and Reconciliation.

To ensure we act respectfully and thoughtfully, we are building a Reconciliation Action Plan with the help of external practitioners and input from Indigenous advisors.

Our process includes internal reflection circles, knowledge-building sessions, and a review of our practices. We are excited about where this journey will take us and how it will help deepen our commitment to support and collaborate with First Nations and Métis communities.

Business Involvement Contributing to the resiliency of Indigenous businesses

Our commitment to supporting the resilience of Indigenous communities includes seeking opportunities to assist capacity building through education, training, and work experience, and strengthening the involvement of Indigenous businesses in our supply chain. We encourage First Nations and Métis communities to participate in procurement and employment opportunities, as well as support professional development, skills training, and mentorship.

Indigenous awareness training

Trusting relationships are built on genuine understanding and respect. It’s for this reason that we provide all of our employees and contractors with Indigenous Awareness Training. By engaging with the history and present realities of Indigenous Peoples, our employees and contractors grow in their ability to collaborate with the Indigenous workforce on our operational sites and in their daily lives. For many, this is a transformational experience, and enables us to approach our projects and daily operations with greater understanding and a richer cultural perspective.