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Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Our Approach

Keyera believes that good governance plays an important role in building stakeholder confidence and achieving our business objectives.  We have developed a mandate for our Board of Directors and terms of reference for each Committee of the Board that reflect this belief.   We are committed to adopting and engaging in governance practices that are effective, responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and which emphasize substance over form.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Directors of Keyera is directly elected by the Shareholders of Keyera each year at the annual meeting of Shareholders.  The Board is responsible for providing effective, independent supervision of Keyera and its affiliates.   An integral part of fulfilling this responsibility is the development of and adherence to sound governance practices.  

In carrying out its mandate, the Board of Directors has established three committees:  an Audit Committee, a Compensation and Governance Committee and a Health, Safety and Environment Committee.   Each of these Committees assist the Board in overseeing aspects of Keyera’s activities within their respective areas of expertise. 

Overall, the Board and its Committees work together closely to advance the interests of Keyera, its affiliates and its Shareholders, in a way that integrates and respects the collective interests of employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate and the general public, and to promote the long-term goals of Keyera to grow value responsibly and in a sustainable manner.