To meet the growing demand for energy, locally and abroad, we recognize the need to invest in sound infrastructure opportunities. We pursue each project with careful consideration for safe and reliable operations, community engagement and the environment. 


We’ve been a proud Alberta based business for more than 20 years with a focus on long term resiliency and sustainability. But that can only be possible if we look at what’s beneficial for this province and the people who live here. 

KAPS, a natural gas liquids (NGL) and condensate system, is a highly desired industry pipeline solution designed to integrate services, generate more volumes and expand commercial opportunities. All of which can benefit Alberta.  KAPS creates a platform for future investment opportunities that could include additional gas and condensate processing investments, new NGL infrastructure or other value-added services. Based on the current scope, KAPS will consist of a 16-inch condensate pipeline and a 12-inch NGL mix pipeline. KAPS will be constructed from northwest of Grande Prairie and connect to Keyera's Fort Saskatchewan Fractionation and Storage Facility (KFS). 

We are thrilled to see KAPS take part in restarting Alberta’s economic engines. This $1.6 billion investment provides both short and long term financial benefit for the province. And with construction currently underway, KAPS will provide jobs to more than 600 Albertans over the life of the project. 

Keyera has always believed in the bigger picture. Advancing the entire industry is our goal because it’s not just about us, it’s about helping drive prosperity for Alberta and the people who live and work here.  

We’re pleased to move the KAPS project forward, as it creates a competitive alternative for producers in the area and sets us up with a strong foundation for future opportunities."


Pipestone is a natural gas processing and liquids stabilization plant developed in a joint effort with Ovintiv Inc.. Pipestone has gas processing capacity of a total of 200 million cubic feet per day, 24,000 barrels per day of condensate processing capacity and associated water disposal facilities. The Pipestone liquids hub, which began operating in 2018, provides an additional 14,000 barrels per day of condensate processing capacity.

Pipestone aligns with our strategy of building a stronger presence in the liquids-rich Montney development, which is one of the most economic developments in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin."


The Wapiti Gas Plant, located 60 kilometers southwest of Grande Prairie, is a sour gas processing and liquids stabilization plant that supports development of the Montney. Phase I, which came online in May 2019, and subsequently Phase II in late 2020, created 300 mmcf/day of sour gas processing capacity and 25,000 bbs/day of condensate stabilization. The gas plant includes field compression nodes, Gold Creek Compressor Station and Keyera Pipestone Compressor Station, with associated pipeline gathering infrastructure, along with acid gas injection wells and water disposal wells. 

Wildhorse Storage Terminal

Wildhorse is a crude oil storage and blending terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma. The Terminal includes 12 above ground tanks with 4.5 million barrels of working storage capacity.

Wildhorse is connected by pipeline to existing storage terminals at Cushing. This connection provides customers with access to the majority of the crude oil streams flowing in and out of Cushing on several major pipeline networks.

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