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Water is a vital resource for living systems, economies and quality of life, and Keyera takes our responsibilities for managing this important resource very seriously. At Keyera, water stewardship includes managing water-related risks, monitoring and managing how we acquire and use water, tracking our water and effluent performance and exploring water-use efficiencies. 

Water is a critical component of many facets of Keyera business, from cavern development and operation to gas processing facility steam, glycol, boiler and cooling water systems. Protection of water source quality and availability is forefront at our operational facilities, as well as for areas where Keyera has pipelines or road water-body crossings. All Keyera facilities have a low or low-medium overall water risk according to the World Resource Institute’s Aqueduct Risk Tool.

As part of our commitment to proper water management, we actively monitor water withdrawal at our facilities, as well as control and test water consumption and water and effluent discharge. Most sites also have robust groundwater quality monitoring programs.

Our Approach to Water Stewardship

Keyera uses an Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) to identify and manage risks and achieve business outcomes. Included in the desired business outcomes of the OEMS are ‘proactive environmental management’ and ‘responsible corporate citizenship’. To achieve these outcomes, water-related risk assessments and process improvements are incorporated into business areas that have a higher demand for water. As part of our OEMS, teams also are encouraged to look for operational and resource-use efficiencies. Strategic environmental management plans at several locations provide a roadmap for decision making and measuring outcomes.

We also put a strong focus on the integrity of our systems. Through a robust integrity management program, we ensure equipment is designed, constructed and maintained to reduce any potential loss of containment. We investigate incidents, take corrective action and apply and share lessons learnt.

Water Crossings

Over the last several years, an area of action for Keyera has been reducing risk where pipelines cross water bodies. As part of this focus, Keyera has risk assessed and surveyed all major water crossings and has developed site specific emergency response plans at all river and named creek crossings. Activities undertaken to manage integrity of pipelines include carrying out in-line and other inspections, completing repairs to pipelines to maintain system integrity, applying chemicals to mitigate corrosion, using right of way surveillance to minimize the risk of third-party damage, as well as conducting depth of cover surveys.

Water Reporting

In 2019, we released our first corporate water disclosure filing, CDP Water Disclosure. CDP is a global environmental disclosure system that provides a standardized way for Keyera to share information about our water management and performance, as well as allows us to benchmark our performance to our peers. 
Keyera also shares key water performance metrics in our ESG Performance Summary