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Pipeline Safety

Keyera has over 5,000 kilometres of pipelines in Alberta and British Columbia, and we work hard every day to ensure that they are operating safely. Our pipelines connect our gas processing plants and associated facilities, our pipeline terminals, pump stations and storage facilities across Alberta and British Columbia.

Call or 'click' before you dig.

Pipelines are the safest method to transport products, such as natural gas, oil or other commodities, across the country. If these pipelines are damaged, the results could be serious. You have an important role to play to ensure safety. Please, call or 'click' before you dig.

Pipeline signs and marker posts do not indicate the exact location of a pipeline Right of Way. Call or visit Alberta or British Columbia's One Call websites before beginning any work that might potentially come into contact with a pipeline, including digging, excavating or installing posts or beams in the ground.

It’s a free call that could save lives.


Call before you dig:  

Alberta One Call: 1-800-242-3447

British Columbia One Call: 1-800-474-6886


'Click' before you dig: 

In addition to the above phone numbers, to request a line locate in Alberta, you can also visit Alberta One Call.

Or, to request a line locate in British Columbia, you can visit BC One Call


Learn more about living and working near pipelines by visiting the National Energy Board website.