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Keyera recognizes and values the importance of responsible environmental stewardship.

Environmental protection is an integral part of our business and throughout the lifecycle of each of our assets. We are committed to continuous improvement and invest in our infrastructure to increase energy and natural resource efficiency, reduce emissions, and enhance environmental performance. These improvements reflect common sense, good science, improved practices and our continued commitment to maintain environmental integrity.

The Keyera Health, Safety and Environment Policy establishes environmental protection, mitigation and restoration as an integral part of our business. This commitment is to be embraced by everyone at our worksites, including contractors and suppliers, and will not be compromised. A Competency Management and Development System (CMDS) provides training to employees that require awareness of environmental issues, obligations and opportunities.

Keyera continues to advance the development and sustainment of an Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) to manage our environmental responsibilities. A description of this program and the committees responsible for overseeing environmental risks and opportunities can be found within our Environmental Responsibilities summary.

Addressing environmental issues is a shared responsibility and we work with government, industry, communities and public interest stakeholders to address the current challenges while preparing for evolving regulatory requirements. We also support community initiatives that protect the environment or promote environmental education through our community investments program.


As transparency becomes increasingly important to shareholders and other stakeholders, Keyera strives to be open and forthright in communications and environment reporting. Beyond regulatory reporting obligations, key environmental performance metrics are shared through our ESG Performance Summary. Environmental risk information is detailed in the Operational Risks section of Keyera’s Annual Information Form.  

Since 2010, Keyera has been reporting our Climate Change Disclosure to CDP, an organization that examines how companies integrate climate change into business strategy, governance, management and operations. CDP is an important benchmark and provides a forum for comparing our performance to that of our industry peers and other sectors.

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