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Community Relations

Keyera has established excellent long-term relationships with the residents, leaders, stakeholders and Indigenous groups in the local communities where we operate facilities and pipelines.

Keyera’s core philosophy is to build long-term relationships based on transparency, mutual respect and trust. Our employees live,work, and raise their families in the local community – and the safety and long-term well-being of these communities matters to us. 

When building relationships, Keyera strives to: 

  • Establish and develop transparent, respectful and positive relationships with communities
  • Respect local cultures and regional values
  • Support community development
  • Respond to community interests

Guiding Principles

Keyera believes that stakeholders in each community have a right to be informed in a timely and accurate manner, to be treated with respect and to participate in a transparent, open consultation process.

Keyera’s stakeholder relations approach is guided by these principles:

  • Responsibility & Responsiveness: Keyera will inform stakeholders and communities of its business activities in a timely, accurate and appropriate manner in a way that best fits the nature of the relationship.
  • Respect: Keyera will endeavor to build our understanding of community needs and honour local, historical and traditional knowledge. We will engage stakeholders and communities to learn about local interests, values, needs and perspectives, and take those into account in decision making. We believe that listening is critical to positive, productive relationships, and Keyera will always demonstrate respect and value the diversity of views presented.
  • Transparency: Keyera’s stakeholder consultation process will be transparent and open. We are committed to being honest and upfront with our stakeholders, and to encourage a healthy, two-way dialogue in our interactions.

Community Relations Approach

We are committed to engaging with our stakeholders early in a project and ‘listening first’ to ensure we understand region-specific issues. Our External Engagement team and regional operational teams develop engagement programs for each of our projects; affected stakeholders are identified through the local government’s regulatory process. We update these plans regularly and engage stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of all our operations.

We know that effective engagement requires reaching out in a variety of ways, including informational handouts, one-on-one meetings, open houses, site visits and community meetings. Stakeholders can reach Keyera personnel for further information or to discuss any concerns. 

Contact us

If you are a resident, landowner, community member or work near a Keyera pipeline or facility, you can always contact us with your questions or concerns at

Further to local outreach, we also engage in conversations with regional government and regulators, as well as participate in industry and synergy meetings (community-focused groups with representatives from community, industry and government). We track all stakeholder issues and concerns and strive to respond to all concerns in a timely manner.