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Structure and History

The following diagram illustrates Keyera's current corporate structure.

2020 Corporate Structure Image
Milestones in our History 


A large portion of Keyera's western Canadian assets were built and operated by Gulf Canada Resources Limited ("Gulf") and Chevron Canada Resources. 

December 1998

Gulf sold a 50% interest in its midstream division assets to a wholly-owned subsidiary of KeySpan Corporation and together the two companies formed a partnership called Gulf Midstream Services to operate the business.

September 2000

Gulf sold its remaining interest in Gulf Midstream Services to KeySpan Corporation and Gulf Midstream Services and the partnership was renamed KeySpan Energy Canada Partnership.

May 2003

Keyspan Facilities Income Fund ("Fund"), the predecessor to Keyera Corp., was created as an unincorporated open-ended trust under the laws of the Province of Alberta. Units of the Fund began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol KEY.UN on May 30, 2003 after closing of the Initial Public Offering of 17 million units. After the IPO, KeySpan Corporation owned a majority interest in the Fund's primary operating partnership and the Fund indirectly owned 39%.

April 2004

The Fund completed a second public offering of 15.617 million units. Proceeds from this second offering were used to acquire a 35.91% interest in the primary operating partnership from KeySpan Corporation. As a result of this acquisition, the Fund increased its indirect interest in that partnership to 75%.

June 2004

The Fund completed a third public offering of 10.72 million units and $100 million of convertible debentures (KEY.DB) that matured on June 30, 2011. The proceeds of this offering were used to fund a portion of the purchase price associated with the acquisition of EnerPro Midstream Company from Chevron Canada Resources. With this acquisition came all of Chevron's western Canadian gas gathering and processing facilities, as well as its NGL infrastructure assets.

July 2004

 The Fund contributed the assets of EnerPro to the operating partnership, thereby increasing its indirect interest in the partnership to 82.56%.

December 2004

 The Fund purchased KeySpan Corporation's remaining interest in the operating partnership and the operating partnership became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fund.

February 2005

With KeySpan Corporation no longer holding an ownership interest in the operating partnership, the name was changed to Keyera. The name Keyera was selected because it captured the two important aspects of the Fund's evolution and vision for its business: key facilities for a new era. Therefore, effective February 2, 2005, KeySpan Facilities Income Fund became Keyera Facilities Income Fund ("Keyera").


Keyera completed several strategic acquisitions that included the purchase of additional interests in the Strachan gas processing plant and related facilities, the Medicine River Pipeline and the Rimbey Gull Lake pipeline. Keyera also purchased an 18-kilometre gas gathering pipeline and related assets in the North Trutch/Bougie area of northeast British Columbia adjacent to Keyera‘s Caribou North Pipeline and a 38 ki lometre sales gas pipeline running northeast of the Brazeau River gas plant. Keyera also continued to expand its presence in the United States with the incorporation of Keyera Energy Inc. and the acquisition of four propane terminals.

January 2006

The Fund took an initial step to begin streamlining its structure by amalgamating EnerPro and Keyera Energy Management Ltd. (the Administrator of the Fund and managing partner of the operating partnership).

May 2007

Keyera completed the reorganization of Rimbey Pipe Line Co. Ltd. to form a new limited partnership called Rimbey Pipeline Limited Partnership. As part of this restructuring, Keyera was able to acquire all remaining third party interests, making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.

January 2008

Unitholders of the Fund approved an internal reorganization to streamline the Fund's overall structure, consolidate its ownership interests, achieve greater accounting, legal, reporting, and income tax simplicity and enhance tax planning flexibility. In connection with this reorganization, the Fund was able to eliminate a number of subsidiaries from its structure, and the primary operating partnership was amended to become a limited partnership.


Keyera acquired a property with above-ground storage capacity and rail access near its Edmonton Terminal that has since been developed into the Alberta Diluent Terminal. In addition, Keyera acquired ownership interests in the West Pembina gas plant, the Judy Creek NGL Pipeline system and the Bonnie Glen crude oil and condensate system. Keyera acquired 100% ownership of the Nevis gas plant and increased its ownership interests in the Rimbey gas plant, the Brazeau River gas plant and the Brazeau North East Gas Gathering System.

December 2008

The Fund completed a fifth public offering of $80 million of convertible debentures (KEY.DB.A). The proceeds of this offering were used to finance several acquisitions and growth projects undertaken by the Partnership and its subsidiaries earlier that year, including the acquisition of the Nevis gas plant and associated facilities and increased ownership interests in the Rimbey, Brazeau River and West Pembina gas plants.


During the first half of the year, Keyera completed construction of the ethane extraction project at the Rimbey gas plant and increased its ownership in the Strachan gas plant to 91% (from 86%). Later in the year, Keyera acquired an additional 33% interest (to 54%) in the West Pembina gas plant and announced significant long-term fee-for-service agreements with Imperial Oil to provide diluent transportation, storage and rail offload services for Imperial‘s Kearl oil sands project, as well as segregated solvent handling services.


Keyera completed several acquisitions including 100% interests in the Simonette gas plant, the North Cabin pipeline, and the Solomon and Cabin Creek facilities; a 36.5% ownership interest in the Minnehik Buck Lake gas plant; a 22% ownership interest in the non-operated Edson gas plant; and additional ownership interests in the Keyera-operated West Pembina, Nordegg River, Gilby, and Brazeau River gas plants. In addition to these acquisitions, Keyera completed a 40 MMcf/d expansion of its Caribou gas plant. Construction was initiated on a connector pipeline from the Enbridge Southern Lights Pipeline to Keyera‘s Edmonton Terminal and a new pipeline segment connecting Keyera‘s Fort Saskatchewan facilities to the Polaris pipeline. Keyera also entered into a long-term oil sands diluent handling agreement with Husky for the Husky-operated Sunrise oil sands project.

January 2011

In response to changes in tax laws, the Fund converted from an income trust structure to a corporate structure. The conversion was completed pursuant to a plan of arrangement that was approved by unitholders of the Fund on May 11, 2010.


Keyera acquired an additional 6.7% interest (to 98%) in the Strachan gas plant, an additional 14% interest (to 95%) in the Bigoray gas plant, an additional 12% interest (to 99%) in the Paddle River gas plant and an additional 8.6% interest (to 45%) in the Minnehik Buck Lake gas plant. Keyera also completed construction of the Carlos pipeline which began delivering production from the liquids-rich Glauconite formation in the Hoadley area to the Rimbey gas plant.

January 2012

Keyera acquired Alberta EnviroFuels from Chevron Standard Limited and Neste Canada Inc. The acquisition included a 13,600 barrel per day iso-octane manufacturing facility, pipelines associated with the facility, and iso-octane sales agreements with major refiners in Canada and the United States.

March 2012

Keyera completed another public offering of a total of 4,715,000 common shares at $43 per share. 

November 2012

Keyera announced over $330 million of growth capital initiatives, including the construction of a de-ethanizer at its Fort Saskatchewan fractionation facility, and the installation of a turbo expander unit at the Rimbey gas plant. It also entered into an agreement to acquire a rail and truck terminal in Hull, Texas to handle receipt and delivery of propane, butane and NGL mix.

October 2013

Keyera completed construction and officially opened the South Cheecham Rail and Truck Terminal located approximately 75 kilometres southeast of Fort McMurray. A four year fee-for-service agreement with Statoil Canada Ltd.  underpinned the first phase of construction with potential for additional phases as demand for terminalling services in the area evolves. 

 May 2014

Keyera acquired an 85% ownership interest in the West Pembina gas plant, along with the working interest in lands from which gas is produced into the plant; an additional 4.6% ownership interest in the Bigoray gas plant (bringing Keyera's ownership to 100%), along with certain associated reserves which produce into the plant; and varying ownership interests in certain associated oil batteries, compressors and gathering pipelines.  Keyera also reached an agreement with Enbridge Pipelines (Athabasca) Inc. to participate in the Norlite Pipeline as a 30% non-operating owner.

December 2014 

Keyera agreed with Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. to participate in a new deep-cut gas plant as a 35% owner and related pipelines currently being constructed by Bellatrix in the Alder Flats area of west central Alberta. Keyera has also agreed to participate as a 60% owner in the Zeta Creek gas plant, being constructed by Velvet Energy in the West Pembina area of Alberta. Keyera acquired a 70.79% ownership interest in the Ricinus deep-cut gas plant in west central Alberta.

February 2015

Keyera announced a two-for-one split of its outstanding common shares. The record date for the share split will be April 1, 2015. Each Keyera shareholder will receive one additional common share of Keyera for each common share held on the share split record date.

March 2015

Projects completed during the year included the Simonette gas plant expansion and condensate stabilizer, the Twin Rivers pipeline system, the turbo expander at the Rimbey gas plant and the newly constructed Ald er Flats and Zeta Creek gas plants. Also, Keyera added the de-ethanizer at its Fort Saskatchewan facility and built the Josephburg Rail Terminal, which provides a much needed outlet for propane in Western Canada. During the year, Keyera also entered into a 50/50 joint venture with Kinder Morgan, Inc. to build the Base Line Terminal.

May 2015  Effective with the May dividend, Keyera amended and reactivated the Premium DividendTM component of its Premium DividendTM and Dividend Reinvestment Plan (the "Plan").

August 2015  Keyera announced the acquisition of a 50% interest in the southernmost portion of the diluent Grand Rapids Pipeline from Grand Rapids Pipeline Limited Partnership, an affiliate of TransCanada PipeLines Limited and Brion Energy Corporation. Keyera's total contribution to the joint venture was expected to be approximately $140 million, with Keyera becoming the operator of the facilities once completed in the second half of 2017. 


December 2015  Keyera increased and extended its unsecured revolving credit facility to $1.5 billion from $1 billion, with the potential to increase to $1.85 billion subject to certain conditions. The term of the Credit Facility was extended to December 6, 2020.
May 2016  Keyera entered into agreements with a subsidiary of a large creditworthy multi-national producer for construction of an estimated $625 million natural gas gathering and processing complex in the Wapiti area south of Grand Prairie, Alberta. Subject to final sanctioning, the Project includes a sour gas processing plant with acid gas injection capabilities, condensate processing facilities, associated gathering systems and field compressor stations, with the first phase targeted to start up in mid-2019. Keyera also successfully completed a public offering of 9,487,500 common shares priced at $36.35 each, for gross total proceeds of approximately $345 million.  
June 2016  Keyera concluded a $60 million issuance of long-term notes pursuant to an uncommitted private shelf agreement with the Prudential Capital Group.  Also, the fractionation expansion at Keyera’s Fort Saskatchewan energy complex was completed near the end of the month.  The incremental 35,000 barrels per day of fractionation capacity was completed for a net cost of $153 million.
August 2016  Keyera closed an acquisition from Bellatrix Exploration Ltd. for an additional 35% ownership interest in the Alder Flats gas plant and its associated gathering pipelines, bringing Keyera’s total ownership to a 70% interest. The cost of the acquisition was $112.5 million, which included the additional wo rking interest in the facilities, a 10-year take-or-pay commitment, an area dedication agreement and a prepayment of 35% of the estimated future construction costs of Phase 2 of the Alder Flats Plant.  
October 2016  Keyera concluded a private placement of 10-year and 12-year senior unsecured notes totaling $300 million with a group of institutional investors in Canada and the United States. The Notes were issued in two tranches with $200 million bearing interest at 3.96% and maturing on October 13, 2026 and $100 million bearing interest at 4.11% and maturing on October 13, 2028.

January 2017  Keyera acquired 1,290 acres of undeveloped land in the Industrial Heartland area new Fort Saskatchewan.
February 2017  Keyera announced over $245 million of growth capital initiatives, including a new NGL gathering pipeline system (“Keylink”) that will provide producers with a pipeline alternative for transporting NGLs from a number of Keyera gas plants and a project to expand the liquids handling capacity at the Simonette gas plant.    

June 2017 

Construction of the Norlite pipeline was completed, which delivers diluent from the Fort Saskatchewan area to certain oil sands projects. This is a joint venture with Enbridge with Keyera having  a 30% non-operating ownership interest.

September 2017

Keyera concluded a private placement of 10-year senior unsecured notes totalling CAD$400 million with a group of institutional investors in Canada and the United States. The Notes bear interest at 3.68% and mature on September 20, 2027.  

October 2017 

DBRS Limited assigned Keyera an Issuer Rating of "BBB" with a "Stable" trend and S&P Global assigned Keyera a Long-term Corporate Credit Rating of "BBB/Stable".

November 2017 

Keyera announced plans to construct the North Wapiti Pipeline System to the Montney area north of the Wapiti River and is underpinned by privately owned Pipestone Oil Corp.  Keyera also entered into agreements with Athabasca Oil Corporation and Murphy Oil Company Ltd. to process production from their Montney and Duvernay operations west of Fox Creek, Alberta. Accordingly, Keyera will add improved inlet liquids handling facilities and acid gas injection facilities to the Simonette gas plant for an expected cost of $85-$100 million, which is expected to be operational in the third quarter of 2019. 

December 2017

Keyera successfully completed a public offering of 14,030,000 common shares priced at $35.20 each, for total gross proceeds of approximately $494 million.

January 2018

Keyera announced the start-up of the Base Line Terminal, an above-ground crude oil storage terminal near Edmonton, Alberta. The Terminal is a 50-50 joint venture with Kinder Morgan.

April 2018 

Keyera completed the Keylink NGL gathering system which connects eight Keyera gas plants into its Rimbey gas plant for fractionation. Keyera also entered into 20-year infrastructure development and midstream service agreement with Encana to suppo rt their condensate focused Pipestone development. The project includes a liquids hub which was completed at the end of September 2018 and a 200 million cubic feet per day gas plant with 24,000 barrels per day of condensate processing capacity. The Pipestone plant is expected to be complete in 2021 at an estimated cost of between $500 million and $600 million.

May 2018 

Keyera completed the liquids handling expansion at the Simonette gas plant and announced it is expanding the processing capacity of Simonette by 150 million cubic feet per day to 450 million cubic feet per day. This expansion is expected to be complete in the fourth quarter of 2019 for approximately $85 million. To further enhance its position in the liquids-rich Montney, Keyera also announced it is proceeding with phase two of its Wapiti Gas Plant, adding 150 million cubic feet per day of processing capacity for approximately $150 million with an expected completion date of mid-2020. Keyera expanded its US business with the announcement of the Wildhorse Terminal, a crude oil storage and blending terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma which is expected to be complete in mid-2020 for approximately US$185 million, along with the acquisition of a logistics and liquids blending terminal located in Tulsa, Oklahoma for approximately US$80 million plus up to US$10 million in additional consideration over five years. Keyera also completed the Hull Terminal pipeline system which extends through Keyera’s Hull Terminal and ends at Mont Belvieu, North America’s largest NGL hub. At Keyera’s Fort Saskatchewan fractionation and storage complex, the 15th underground cavern was put into service increasing total storage capacity to approximately 14 million bbls.

June 2018 

Keyera issued $400 million of senior unsecured medium term notes, having a fixed coupon of 3.934% per annum, paid semi-annually, and maturing on June 21, 2028.   

September 2018 

Construction of the South Grand Rapids Pipeline was completed. The pipeline extends from Keyera’s Edmonton Terminal to TransCanada’s Heartland Terminal near Fort Saskatchewan, and will be operated by Keyera. The project is a 50/50 joint venture between Keyera and Grand Rapids Pipeline Limited Partnership, an affiliate of TransCanada and PetroChina Canada.


Construction of the Pipestone liquids hub was completed and operations commenced. The hub has condensate processing capacity of approximately 14,000 barrels per day.    

October 2018 

Construction was completed and the final tank was placed into service at the Base Line Terminal in Edmonton, Alberta. The 12-tank, 4.8 million barrel facility is fully contracted with long-term take-or-pay agreements with creditworthy customers. The project is a 50/50 joint venture between Keyera and Kinder Morgan Canada.   

March 2019 

Keyera completed construction and commenced operations of new inlet liquids separation facilities and a new flare system at the Simonette gas plant. The inlet liquid separation facilities consist of multiple pressure vessels to accomodate t he high volumes of liquids-rich gas coming into the Simonette gas plant. The flair system accommodates the various growth projects at the Simonette gas plant.

May 2019

Keyera announced it is proceeding with KAPS, which will transport NGL's and condensate from northwest of Grande Prairie into Fort Saskatchewan and Keyera's fractionation facility and condensate hub.  KAPS is expected to provide Keyera with secure, long-term, fee-for-service revenues, strong project returns and a platform for significant future growth. Keyera has partnered with SemGroup Corporation and KKR to develop KAPS. 


Keyera announced a sulphur handling project at its 50% owned South Cheecham Terminal.  The project is backed by a major oil sands producer, providing a long-term contract with 100% take-or-pay beginning in 2022.


Phase One of the Wapiti gas plant was completed.  Phase One includes the construction of a 150 million cubic feet per day sour gas processing plant with acid gas injection capabilities and 25,000 barrels per day of condensate processing facilities as well as a gathering pipeline system, field compressor stations and condensate treating facilities. 

June 2019

Keyera issued $600 million of 6.875% fixed-to-floating rate subordinated hybrid notes due June 13, 2079. The notes were offered through an underwriting syndicate co-led by CIBC Capital Markets and RBC Capital Markets under Keyera's Short Form Base Shelf Prospectus dated September 8, 2017, as supplemented by a Prospectus Supplement dated June 11, 2019. The net proceeds will be used to fund Keyera's ongoing capital program, repay indebtedness under Keyera's revolving credit facility, and for general corporate purposes.

July 2019

Keyera completed acid gas injection facilities at the Simonette gas plant, including surface facilities at the plant and well site and a pipeline connecting the facilities to a disposal well. 

September 2019 

 The Simonette expansion project became operational.  The expansion project created an additional 150 million cubic feet per day of gas processing capacity, bringing the total licensed capacity of the plant to 450 million cubic feet per day.

September 2019

 The North Wapiti Pipeline System ("NWPS") became operational.  The NWPS extends the capture area of Keyera's Wapiti gas plant and includes a 12-inch sour gas gathering pipeline, an 8-inch condensate and water pipeline and a compressor station.  With the NWPS operating, a second producer is now delivering volumes to the Wapiti gas plant.

April 2020

The 16th underground cavern was put into service at Keyera's Fort Saskatchewan fractionation and storage complex, increasing total underground storage capacity to 15.5 million barrels. 

October 2020

The Pipestone gas plant became operational. Pipestone is a natural gas processing and liquids stabilization plant developed in a joint effort with Ovintiv Inc. to support their condensate focused Pipestone Montney development.  The gas plant is located west of Grande Prairie and includes a total of 200 million cubic feet per day of gas processing capacity, 24,000 barrels per day of condensate processing capacity and associated water disposal facilities.