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Keyera markets specification products such as propane, butane, condensate and iso-octane as well as NGL mix, crude oil and sulphur.

Keyera’s marketing activities are a natural extension of our other business lines. Building on our substantial interests in natural gas gathering systems, processing facilities, fractionation, storage and transportation assets, we are ideally positioned to provide a strategic link between producers and customers in the growing North American natural gas products commodity business.

  • Infrastructure: Our commercial business is integrated with our other businesses, and we have priority access to key fractionation, storage, pipeline, logistics, and transportation infrastructure.
  • Geographic and customer diversity: We purchase supply from a multitude of producers and sell specification products to industrial customers and retailers.
  • Logistics expertise: With a well-trained and experienced professional staff, Keyera provides a wide range of services. We coordinate fractionation, storage, and transportation via pipeline, truck and rail, to access markets throughout North America.

The flexibility to manage our physical inventory, combined with a talented team of professionals who manage our credit and risk profile, has generated an impressive track record of results in our Marketing business. Unlike our other two business segments, which are fee-for-service businesses, our Marketing business earns a margin through the purchase and subsequent sale of NGLs in markets across North America. Most of the products we market are purchased and sold in the same month, minimizing our exposure to price fluctuations. However, we do store NGLs to meet seasonal demand requirements. To minimize the risk associated with falling product prices while the product is in inventory, we have adopted a disciplined approach to price risk management.