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Integrity Management

Keyera is committed to maintaining the integrity of all of its assets -  it is integral to our business and operating safely and reliably.

Through our employees and integrity management programs, we continuously strive to minimize the likelihood of incidents and operational downtime, while safeguarding our employees, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Our integrity management programs focus on pipeline and facility integrity.


Pipeline Integrity

Keyera manages over 5,600 kilometres of pipelines on a risk based approach to identify mitigation, monitoring and inspection plans, with the goal of identifying hazards that may impact the long term integrity of our pipelines. Key elements of the pipeline integrity program:  

Risk assessments

  • To identify potential threats


  • Measures to prevent internal and external corrosion


  • In-line inspections and dig programs
  • Watercrossing inspection plans

Measure performance

  • Compliance with integrity plans


    Facility Integrity

    We maintain over 5,300 pressure equipment assets associated with the various processing plants.

    Our integrity program focuses on a life cycle approach to ensure that pressure equipment is designed, constructed, installed, commissioned, operated, maintained, decommissioned and managed to reduce any potential loss of containment, ensure worker safety and the protection of the environment. 

    Turnarounds at our processing facilities are planned and executed with the objective of maintaining a high integrity standard for pressure equipment, pressure safety valves, piping and tanks. We work to ensure that these turnarounds are in compliance with jurisdictional requirements, industry best practices and the requirements of our own integrity management program.