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Wapiti Gas Plant


The Wapiti Gas Plant, located 60 kilometers southwest of Grande Prairie, is a sour gas processing and liquids stabilization plant that supports development of the Montney.  Phase I of this gas plant was recently completed and can process up to 150 mmcf/day of sour gas and 25,000 bbls/day of condensate.  Phase II will add an additional 150 mmcf/day once completed in mid 2020.  The gas plant includes three field compression nodes (Gold Creek Compressor Station, Elmworth Compressor Station and Keyera Pipestone Compressor Station), associated pipeline gathering infrastructure, and acid gas & water injection wells.  





Wapiti Development Map (PDF)



  1. Riser Site: 08-24-068-07-W6
  2. Sales Gas Meter Station: 08-24-068-07-W6
  3. Gold Creek Compressor: 12-02-068-06-W6
  4. Keyera Pipestone Compressor  8-15-70-08-W6
  5. Elmworth Compressor: 15-29-068-06-W6 (future, route TBD)
  6. Water Injection Wells: 7-25-65-06-W6 & 04-06-066-07-W6
  7. Temporary Construction Camp: W ½ & SE 17-067-07-W6
  8. Permanent Operations (Staff) Camp: 05-19-067-07-W6 (Proposed)
  9. AGI Well Site (102/06-30-066-07-W6)
  10. Keyera Wapiti gas plant (03-19-067-07-W6)



  1. Project main line: Riser site to Wapiti gas plant - three pipes licensed for sour gas, condensate, and sales gas
  2. Riser site to Gold Creek Compressor Station - three pipes licensed for sour gas, condensate, and fuel gas
  3. Acid gas disposal line: Wapiti gas plant to disposal well- three pipes licensed for acid gas and fuel gas
  4. Water disposal line: Wapiti gas plant to pad to pad site - one pipe licensed for sour water
  5. Future pipeline: Riser site to Elmworth Compressor Station
  6. North Wapiti Pipeline: Pipestone Pad Site to the Wapiti gas plant – three pipes, licensed for sour gas, sour liquids and fuel gas