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Keyera Renews Committment to Stars

August 10, 2011 

By Chris Hunter  

On May 30, STARS visited Keyera say “thank you” for the continual support that we have provided since 2005, and to express their gratitude for the renewal of that support up to 2015.

STARS (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society) conducts an average of three rescue missions per day – an impressive number considering the $5,600 per flight cost and that 75 per cent of its funding comes from the private sector.

At the event, Paul Lapointe, the Community Education Specialist of STARS highlighted the importance of cor-porate investment into the STARS organization, saying, “If it weren’t for companies like Keyera, we wouldn’t be flying the missions that we fly.”

The majority of Keyera’s investment has gone towards the educational RV that was parked at the head office and displayed to Keyera employees. Those that took the opportunity to visit it encountered Stan, an extremely lifelike mannequin that simulates various injuries and traumatic situations through possession of human actions such as breathing, having a pulse, and talking. The breathtaking technology seen in Stan demonstrates the first class training that STARS employees receive to better prepare them to respond to emergencies in the field.

Approximately 75 per cent of Keyera employees and their families reside in rural Alberta (where the majority of STARS missions are directed.) Additionally, many of Keyera’s plants are within the range that STARS responds to, making STARS a beneficial organization for Keyera.

Keyera CEO Jim Bertram emphasized the importance of STARS to Keyera’s commitment to the safety of all stakeholders saying our investment, “Made us feel like we were doing the right thing from a safety perspective. “We wanted to make sure that we were giving something back to those communities.”

Keyera is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of employees, but the inherent danger of our industry makes accident response a crucial aspect in achieving peace of mind for all employees. Thanks to the mutual relationship that Keyera has with STARS, Keyera employees and stakeholders can rest assured that any emergency will be responded to in a timely and competent manner.   

Above: David Smith (left) and Jim Bertram (right )
outside of the STARS Mobile Education Unit, which
now proudly displays the Keyera logo in recognition
of our support.
Photo by Alex Timmons


Above: David Smith (left) and Jim Bertram (right) feel Stan’s pulse—one of the many lifelike actions of the education mannequin.
Photo by Alex Timmons