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Maintaining Safe and Reliable Operations

We are committed to safe and responsible operating practices and to being a good corporate citizen.

At Keyera, no job is more important, no service more urgent, than maintaining a safe, healthy and environmentally-responsible workplace. Safety is at the  core of our culture. The following are two of our ongoing initiatives that help us achieve this mandate.


Natural gas vehicles

In pursuit of opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint, we have converted a number of vehicles in our fleet to dual-fuel natural gas vehicles at the Brazeau River and West Pembina gas plants. With minimal adjustments to our current fleet of field vehicles, we have been able to reduce emissions and lower fueling costs by purchasing natural gas that already passes through our plants.


Emergency Response Team

In 2011, we partnered with Emergency Response Assistance Canada to create the Keyera Emergency Response Team (KERT), a highly specialized team that responds to any LPG spill in our industry throughout the province of Alberta. Keyera is one of few companies to take on the safety initiative of an LPG Emergency Response Team.


The key to our safe operations lies in the decisions and conduct of each of our employees and contractors. We strive to maintain a workplace that is free of harm or hazard for every person who visits a site or enters a Keyera office.