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Rimbey Completes 2011 Turnaround

August 10, 2011

We caught up with Murray Loyek, Rimbey area Superintendent, to hear about the successful completion of the Rimbey Gas Plant's 2011 turnaround.

On time and under budget - words which are music to any project manager's ears. And they are words that can describe the massive turnaround project at the Rimbey gas plant in May.

A turnaround is the process of shutting down a facility to undergo cleaning and safety inspections. At Rimbey, a major turnaround takes place every four years, with minor turnarounds scattered in between. This year, Rimbey's turnaround aimed to clean and inspect vessels, and conduct a safety inspection of pressure safety devices.

With over 440 people on site during this time, it's no small task. And it's a big increase from the 70-person count on site on a typical day.

Murray Loyek, Superintendent at the Rimbey gas plant, says that's one of the biggest and most challenging parts of managing this process.

"One of the toughest aspects of this is managing manpower. It's a congested area, and you need to know where people are and ensure they're working safely. For a number of our staff, this was their first major turnaround, so a good experience for everybody."

And overall, it was a phenomenal success.

"Many took part in a lot of upfront planning, which helped us a lot," says Murray. "We finished about a day early and were able to start the plant back up about a day early. Looking at our preliminary results, we are looking to be under the projected budget forecast, too."

The turnaround also proved valuable for another aspect of the Rimbey plant. Only a week before the turnaround began, the Carlos pipeline, Keyera's newest gas-gathering pipeline had come on stream, bringing in liquids-rich gas to the Rimbey plant for processing.

"When the turnaround began, it gave us a chance to look for any potential issues or irregularities with the Carlos pipeline," said Murray. "If we did come across any, we had some time to fix them during the turnaround. But we didn't come across any, nor did our partners at Bonavista."

With the turnaround now behind them, Murray could not be more pleased with the results.

"Everyone involved did a phenomenal job," he said. "I want to thank everyone for their effort, professionalism and relentless dedication to getting the job done efficiently and safely."



Above:  Cleaning and maintaining vessels, and conducting safety inspections
were among the top priorities for the Rimbey 2011 turnaround.

 Above:  Left to right:  Murray Loyek, Brad Lock, Jim Bertram, and
 Bob Morrish at the Rimbey gas plant.