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Simonette Road

Keyera understands that driving to and from work is an important task, and we are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all road users.

Please drive safely and respect other drivers on the road.


Current Road Status:

The Simonette road is closed to all vehicles over one ton, and the height restriction gates are down.      

All users use extreme caution and care, and slow to 30kmh upon the construction signs at KM - 56-58 

Essential plant production loads can go with a filled out and signed closed road use form prior to usage when road is closed, Keyera loads are exempt.                                           

All usage over one ton must submit an open road use form prior to using the road system when it is open.

Production can submit open road use forms monthly. 

All vehicles over one ton must have a signed closed road use form prior to usage when road is closed.                                                                                          

Daily road bans are in affect from 6am-7am and 5pm-6pm.                                 

If usage is required during closed (wet conditions ) you must have a Closed Road Use form filled out, prior to any usage taking place.                                                                                    

This message is current and will be updated if any changes occur.     

All moves must provide notice via open road use form prior to usage.             


Road use must always be requested. Please complete the 'Open Road Use' form or 'Closed Road Use' form below, depending on the update status listed above.                          

If any loads over one ton need to be on the road during a rainy day closure please fill out the form and submit your request prior to usage.

Please provide the name of all services on the form. Once a copy is signed and agreed upon, ensure all services have a copy of the signed form to show security at the time of usage. 

All forms must be submitted by 7 p.m.  

NOTE: The forms must be completed by an oil company representative.


Open Road Use Form

Contact name: 
Contact email: 
Contact phone:Required
Company name:Required
Road User Agreement(RUA) number: Use 'Unknown' if you don't know your agreement numberRequired
LSD #:Required
Hauling start date:RequiredClick here for date picker
Hauling end date:RequiredClick here for date picker
KMS being used: 
Total load to be hauled: 
List of all contractors and services being used: 


Closed Road Use Form 

 Please fill out the following form and email to:



All users should read through road safety information and road use document prior to usage.

Road Use Requests - Instructions and Worksheet

Simonette Road Use Instructions 

Simonette Road Use Worksheet 

Keyera Road Use Rates and Road System Map


For questions or more information, please email or contact:

Mitch Gour

Road Manager

(780) 524-7537